Aji-mayo Mayonnaise 1kg

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Aji-Mayo Mayonnaise is a versatile creamy sauce, suitable for all kinds of fried, stirred, brined, grilled …dishes, help to enrich your daily meals. Especially, the typical sour taste is very suitable for Vietnamese dishes, bringing the very delicious taste for vegetable dishes, making your kids enjoy vegetables every day.

Aji-Mayo Mayonnaise is produced with Japanese advanced production technology, help to enrich your daily meals and bring happiness to every family.

Vegetable oil (Soybean oil, canola oil), water, syrup, fresh egg (4%), sugar, salt, egg powder, stabilizers (Distarch adipat acetylate 1422, xanthan gum 415), acidity conditioner (acetic acid 260, citric acid 330), flavor enhancer (mosodium glutamate 621), preservatives (potassium sorbate 202, EDTA 386), flavourings (synthetic milky flavor), sweetener (Aspartame 951, Acesulfame Potassium 950). Product contains eggs, soya bean and sulfite.


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