Aji-ngon Pork Flavor Seasoning 200gram

Aji-ngon Pork Flavor Seasoning is a pioneer and unique in Vietnam market until now invest in raw material of Meat and Bone Extract produced directly at Ajinomoto Long Thanh factory under advanced Japanese technology and combining well with other seasonings. Aji-ngon® granule makes dishes more delicious and richer with natural flavor.

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Nutrition facts (12g)
Calories: 20.0kcal; Protid: 1.6g
Lipid: 0.2g; Carbonhydrate: 2.8g; Calcium: 100mg

Salt, monosodium glutamate 621, disodium inosinate 631, disodium guanylate 627, Sugar, starch, meat and bone extract 4%, calcium carbonate, cooking oil, HVP, salt, pepper, garlic, citric acid 330, meat powder and other spices. Product contains diary, milk, egg, soya bean, gluten and sulphite.

Meat and bone extract

In order to have the best Meat and Bone Extract ingredient for Aji-ngon production, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company selects the qualified materials of pork meat, shin bone and rib bone, supplied by prestigious food companies in Vietnam. All ingredients are inspected thoroughly and strictly to make sure that only the best ingredients are used for production.

The production of Meat and Bone Extract is industrially similar to the soup stock preparing process of housewives in families with the unique cooking stage of meat and bone that helps to keep the naturally savory and meaty taste

Meat and Bone Extract fortified with Calcium is not only the most important ingredient for Aji-ngon production but also helps to bring the uniqueness and difference of Aji-ngon Flavor Seasoning

Aji-ngon Pork Flavor Seasoning,“Richer deliciousness, natural sweetness”. good for health and is as great as Mom’s love always giving to every family member


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