Knorr Seasoning Powder 450gram

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Flavor (Sodium Glutamate – E621), refined sugar, starch
(containing SO2 <150 ppm), loin meat & bone extracts canal
and meat (2.0%), flavor (contains eggs, soy and skim milk powder), fat,
modified corn starch (E1442), flavor (Sodium inosinate E631,
Sodium guanylate E627), yeast extract powder, water flavor
case, fermented soy protein powder (not soy and wheat) and color
sum (Beta-carotene-E160ai).

Key quality indicators:
Humidity: 0.5 to 2.5 (%)
Concentration of salt (NaCl): 37.0 – 43.0 (%)
Protein content: 14.0 – 22.0 (%).

How to use:
Soup: 2 tbsp (tablespoons) small 1 gallon of water.
Saute: 1 tbsp (tablespoons) 500g small vegetables.
Warehouse: 2 tsp (teaspoon of) Small 500g meat / fish.
Marinade: 1 tbsp (tablespoons) 500g small meat / fish.
However, depending on your taste may be reduced to fit.

Date of manufacture, shelf life and storage:
View on the packaging.

Preservation instructions:
Store in a dry place, avoid sunlight.
Cover oral or kin lock bag after use.


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